Why Funeral Directors?

                Funeral based occupations basically revolve around the dead. The four letter word, D-E-A-D, is the cause of the living of people who works at a funeral background. Ironic isn’t it? One of the most significant funeral works is the Funeral Director. On the whole, the Funeral Director is like a film director. It is a weird comparison, but that is the easiest way to describe it. So why is it like a film director? It is because in movie productions, the film director organizes the visualization of the film. They decide on how the movie should go. Same goes with a funeral director. Funeral director makes sure that the funeral of the dead person will be “perfect”. However, how can we really understand a funeral director’s role? Well, a funeral director organizes the funeral, manages the obituary notices, and embalms the body of the dead person.

                Since funeral is the kind of event that makes the organizing really hard for the family, the funeral director handles all the planning. A funeral director serves as the programs and logistic head of the event. He makes sure that the funeral will go the way it should be. He establishes the date, place, and time of the wake, memorial services, and burial. They make sure that the dead will be brought to the funeral house in the right step. Imagine how it will be if these funeral directors do not exist, the grieving family will be given twice the weight besides on how they are feeling. This just means, funeral directors exist to make funeral preparation easier for the relatives of the dead person. Also, the connections a funeral director has makes it convenient for the family to get funeral services, instead of still going through phonebooks to search for funeral materials.

                Obituary notices are those notices written on newspapers – Obituary Section. The section is solely for dead people. In addition, it serves as a section for you to notify your friends, relatives or anyone who knows the person who just died. Also, besides the notifying part, a funeral director needs to look for pallbearers, people who carry the casket, and clergy. In relation to notifications, he should arrange the schedule of the opening and the closing of the grave with a representative from the cemetery. With regards to the notifications, a funeral director should be organized enough to handle situations like this. They should be aware of the time and be as updated as possible.

                Lastly, a funeral director has the authority to embalm a dead body. It is somewhat odd to relate organizing a funeral with removing internal organs of a dead body, but it is true. Embalming is a sanitary, cosmetic, and preservative process that sets up the body for burial. Essentially, funeral directors are license embalmers. They get trained on how they should embalm the body. They are taught to put the body in the refrigerator when it has been a week already; this is to preserve the body in the same way it was brought to the embalming clinic. As embalmers, they are allowed to “reshape” the body. They can fix some parts of it. For instance, the ear has gone missing; an embalmer can make a synthetic ear to put on to the dead body. This just shows that they are the people responsible for the image of the dead person.

                These are just some of the works a funeral director does. Regarding the paperwork, the funeral director is also the person responsible to do that. He fixes the death certificate of the dead person. Also, he can work for those people who want to plan ahead for their death. It is the same with an event’s planner. Some traits that are present in a funeral direction are good negotiations, for them to be able to get more clients; also, a funeral director should be organized with his activities. Moreover, he should have enough courage to work with the dead, because that will be his source of living. The salary that a funeral director earns depends on the years of his experience. In the US, the starting annual income of a funeral director ranges at $30,000. The highest, on the other hand, is at around $93,000 per year, but that depends on the country you are working at. Since for other countries, these kinds of job earn more than the mentally associated job, they are high paying jobs. Funeral directors are as important as any other jobs. We look down on these kinds of job because of the idea that they work for the dead, but without them, especially these funeral directors. To judge them as a low, degrading type of word is not right, since these types of job are worth every penny and without them, we, other people, will be a mess.

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