The business of Funeral Homes in the Northern Metro Manila

The Filipino death rates are about an average of 5.02 deaths/ 1,000 population (Philippine Demographics Profile 2012). Filipinos see the importance of paying respect for those who have the deceased, as well as to give their condolences to the families who have lost their loved ones. They make it to a point to visit the dead at least once, offer their prayers and see them for the last time before their final rest. This is important not only to pay respect for the deceased, but also to give moral support for the families who have lost an important person in their lives.

In Metro Manila, there are a lot of places that offer services for the dead. One of the popular places would be around the Araneta Avenue and Quezon Avenue area. These areas offer quality services for those who live around the area. There are times that we associate these areas, especially the Araneta Avenue with anything that has to do with the dead. This is where you can find a one-stop packaged deal for those who would want to see their beloved ones before the funeral rites. Araneta Avenue can be found around the area of Santa Mesa and Quezon Avenue Area. It’s near establishments such as the LRT. When you pass by Araneta Avenue you will pass by several buildings and establishments that offers services for the dead. Famous and familiar areas include Sanctuarium, Arlington, La Funeraria Paz and St. Peter’s.

People who pass by the intersection of Araneta Avenue and Quezon Avenue may notice a tall building that has a façade that somewhat resembles to a hotel. It has tall pillars it looks like a grand tower. The building that you see is called “Sanctuarium”. Because of its statuesque architectural design, people assume that the establishment is a hotel, and for those who are familiar with the area, it is known as the ‘hotel for the dead’, a facility where the ashes of the deceased loved ones are ‘checked in’. Only by looking closely will you notice that the top floors tend to resemble to mini vaults which is where they can “check in” the cremated remains of a person. A hotel wherein the dead people can check in? That’s very interesting. Sanctuarium is one of the few funeral homes that offer a place for the dead, or columbarium.

Other than Sanctuarium, St. Peter’s are also one of the popular companies that offer funeral services. This company is associated with the ‘dead’ being famous for their “e-burol’s” and “e-libings”, a website wherein you can see and ‘visit’ your loved ones online. This is helpful especially for those who live overseas and wish t see their loved ones burial, without necessarily being physically in the area.  E-burol and e-libing has been one of the interesting amenities provided by St. Peters, available not only within the country but also accessible for those living in the other countries as well, targeted mostly to the people who will not be able to attend in person. St. Peters have been one of the most popular funeral homes easily identified with a nearly all white façade with green fonts that are very eye catching and easy to spot.

Other than St. Peter’s and Sanctuarium, La Funeraria Paz and Arlington are popular choices as well. All of these are found around the Quezon Avenue and Araneta area. Although these are the popular areas wherein a person can find their ‘funeral needs’, there are also places around the Metro, which can offer the same needs as the areas mentioned above. There are a few around Commonwealth Area, St. Peters opened a branch near Matandang Balara area, and there are alot around the area, some establishments that are around and existing.

If the burial rites are preferred to be held at home, families can also make prior arrangements to transfer the casket from the morgue to the home in time for visitation of the family, relatives and friends of the deceased. Several plans may be arranged, depending on the deceased or the family’s choice. People living in the province usually prefer home services there are not much establishments that offer funeral homes and services. People from the Metro, on the other hand prefer funeral homes, much convenient in terms of the maintenance of the vicinity and easier access to visitors.  Some funeral homes can actually provide a few beds to sleep in if the family would prefer to stay or would want to rest. Other provisions such as the transfer of the casket to either the funeral homes or, at home, rentals for caskets, embalmment, make up and wardrobe and several other provisions are also provided by the funeral homes.

Other than funeral homes, there are also places around the Avenue wherein you can order flowers to offer for the deceased. It is the closest place to get quality flowers, depending on your budget and preference of design and arrangements. It is also a popular place to by other than Dangwa (a place where you can buy cheap flowers for any occasion).

The business of funeral homes and services has been really popular because of the number of people who pass away every minute. Death care services are offered in advanced for those who would want to prepare in case of untimely accidents. In that way, everything will be taken care of and will be arranged immediately. For every funeral home, each has its own unique services and facilities that can cater to the families needs. Around Araneta and Quezon Avenue seems to provide all the facilities needed that can suit to the needs of the family and also to the wishes of the deceased. Giving a decent and proper burial is a sign of respect to the deceased and also a proper way of saying farewell to our loved ones who have passed away.

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