Funeral Preparations

Saying goodbye to a departing loved one is one of the hardest things to do. It’s not because of the fact that you have to say your ‘goodbyes’, but the mere fact that you will never see them again. You will never see them physically again. They will be a part of your memory, and you will never get to see that person, and communicate with him or her personally.

There are people who prepare their funeral preparations before hand, just in case something happens to them so that their families can save time and effort in setting the necessary preparations prior to the death of the loved one. This is a quick guide to preparations prior to both unpredicted and predicted deaths of a person, and how it is much advantageous to prepare in advanced instead of arranging the necessary materials after the person passed away. This procedure is easier because it can also entitle you to have free will when it comes to the different preferences such as how you dispose the body, where you would be buried, etc.

A few of the things you need to prepare for is a will. It should be done with an attorney and has to be in a state of proper mind and spirit so that it will not be nullified. There are people who put specifications on their last will and testament such as how the body will be disposed, where his remains should be buried, etc, and as the family members, they should make sure that the final wishes of the deceased can be followed. Next are the different aspects of your funeral, meaning the funeral homes of choice, type of burial, the cemetery, etc. There are a lot of funeral homes in Metro Manila; in Araneta Avenue alone there are different kinds of funeral homes such as the Sanctuarium, Arlington and La Funeraria Paz; in the Southern Area of Metro Manila, you can fine a lot of places such as your Manila South Cemetery and Manila Memorial Park. You should also consider having a insurance so that in case they could cover a few fees for you.

Pre-plans depend of include the type of casket, can be made out of wood, steel, metal, or cloth. It can also be in the open or enclosed in a glass. Most Filipinos prefer their loved ones being enclosed in glasses. Another thing that one should plan is the funeral home where his or her relatives and friends can see the corpse before its final burial in the cemetery. There are a lot of funeral homes around Metro Manila, and St. Peter’s being one of the most popular choices because of its unique and versatile features and it is easier and more convenient because online planning can be also done by this funeral home. Other than that, they also have e-libing and e-burol that can be convenient for those who have a lot of relatives abroad.

Choosing a good funeral home is the most important because they will also have control over the plans that you would wish to make, and the accessibility of the relatives and friends prior to the area.

There are two ways to dispose of the deceased body. One is through the traditional burial process. This is where the corpse is buried below the ground and will let the body decompose until it eventually comes back to the ground. The other way is cremation. It is the burning of a body until it becomes ashes. The later is much more practical nowadays because compared to the former, the cremation does not take too much space, easier to maintain and money saver, as compared to the traditional burial process which requires a lot of time and effort.

The final stage is the burial, the final rest of the deceased body. There are a lot of cemeteries in Metro Manila, such as your Manila South Cemetery, Paco Cemetery, Libingan ng mga Bayani, American Cemetery, Manila North Cemetery, Loyola Memorial Park, Marikina and a lot more. There are some people who prefer to be brought back to the province with their ancestors, so some go all the way to the province just to bury the person. They can be placed in the ground with tombstones, they can also be in mausoleums. Some even have their private cemetery at their backyard and they prefer their deceased to be there instead.

It is important for people to pre-plan not because one is expecting to pass away soon, but because it becomes less of a hassle for the people whom you have left with. It would be better if these steps are prepared before something happens so that everything is set and organized. It will save not just time and effort but it will also avoid conflicts of the living family members.

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